POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - May 6th, 2019 – Monitors

May 6th, 2019 – Monitors


POK® builds a wide range of monitors. Originally these devices were intended to use pressures and flows beyond the range of portable equipment, whether by one or more firefighters.

Fifty years ago, there were monitors for fixed installations such as those fitted to pump boats or fuel depots and oil refineries.

Other monitors were movable because they were mounted on wheeled platforms, either movable manually or on the road.

The flow rates and pressures of these devices have always depended on the capacities of the feed pumps. At that time, high capacity pumps were uncommon and monitors rarely exceeded 1500 to 2000 liters per minute (500 gallons per minute).

Today, monitors can be divided into two categories:

Portable monitors and monitors for fixed installations.

POK manufactures a wide range of portable and transportable monitors. These devices have legs with claws. They are delivered with a chain, or a strap of adjustable length that serves as a safety device. In today’s era when safety is a key word, the use of this instrument is essential. It reminds me that in the last century I hired a retired fire brigade colonel as a salesman and demonstrator. He had claimed to a user that the strap was useless. The customer therefore concluded that the sales representative could leave it with him.

Clearly, security issues were not yet understood by the Colonel, who is not working for us anymore.

These portable or transportable monitors are available in our products from 500 to 8000 litres per minute: 125 to 2000 GPM (US gallons per minute).

They are equipped with either water diffusers or foam attachements.

After unfolding the wheelbase, the unit is deployed in the direction of the fire to be extinguished and the safety clip is attached to a post located in front.

The hose is connected to the unit and the water supply under open pressure.

Generally, the direction of the water stream on these monitors is adjustable with a variable range depending on the chosen model.

The monitors for fixed installations are equipped with a flange DN50 to DN250, can be supplied with or without automatic sweeping device and equipped with water branchpipe or foam water branchpipe with or without blabbermouth device.

Our products are for devices with nominal flow rates up to 36,000 liters per minute (600 liters per second or 9000 GPM), but we have in our boxes a project for a DN300 monitor with a flow rate of 60,000 liters per minute.

All our monitors can be equipped with manually or electrically controlled diffusers for all flow rates of these devices.

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