POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - May 27th, 2019 – My internship in mechanical engineering

May 27th, 2019 – My internship in mechanical engineering

My internship in mechanical engineering

As a student in the 2nd and last year of a program called Mechanical and Production Engineering (GMP) in Troyes, it is necessary for me to do a 10-week internship for a professional immersion and to be able to apply my knowledge. CRAN welcomed me for this final internship in its design office, where I was able to see the difference between the university and the professional world through the transition from theory to practice.

After a warm welcome from the members of the design office, a detailed explanation of the rules by the management and a guided tour of the company, my internship tutor explained me my mission.

My mission for this internship was to design a complete range of bronze diffusers for firefighting with the realization of master plans, 3D parts and drawing on the CAD software “SOLIDWORKS”.

My transition from the CAD program “CATIA V5” to “SOLIDWORKS” was as simple as expected with some details given by my internship tutor. These details concerned how to save the files and the order in which the 3D models were created using the different configurations for the creation of the blank and the machined part.

The processes for obtaining the different parts are very varied and each part drawing must take into account the constraints of its processes, its repeatability defects… My role is to find the best compromise between the different manufacturing methods involved in the different production phases, while keeping in mind the objective of fully meeting the customer’s needs. Thus, the design of a successful and homogeneous product is a melting pot between various internal production processes (boiler making, machining, assembly) and external processes (stamping, sand casting, shell casting, lost wax casting, forging, plastic injection, heat treatments, surface treatments, etc.)

But my experience at CRAN didn’t stop here. Each device made must be tested before delivery and I was able to attend and help with many tests of diffusers, nozzles….

These different experiences encountered during my internship have changed the perception of my future profession and the company.


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