POK - Manufacturer of firefighting equipment - July 2nd, 2019 – An air freshener for the factory

July 2nd, 2019 – An air freshener for the factory

The air refreshener is installed

Our manufacturing workshop is now equipped with an air freshener. Following the exceptionally hot days last year, we decided to install a cooling system within an acceptable budget. It is now done and is working really well.


What a surprise to be able to work with 10 degrees less. The installation done in a few days by a few technicians went very well.
On Friday, we went from 35 to 25 degrees, which is an acceptable working temperature.

Evaporative air cooling is a very old process, it is known and defined as an adiabatic air cooling process, or enthalpy air cooling process.
Its operation consists of passing unsaturated air through a humid surface.
This technology allows the air to approach the saturation point, thus lowering the temperature of the dry bulb.

In other words, if hot, dry air passes through a stream of water, it causes it to evaporate. As the heat required to vaporize water is extracted from the air, the air cools down.

The external hot air is drawn by a centrifugal fan through special panels kept moist by a water distribution system fed by a pump.
The evaporation of water absorbs heat from the air and thus lowers the temperature.
This process keeps the rooms in overpressure with a constant flow of fresh air, naturally cooled.
The stale air is permanently evacuated through existing openings.

Evaporative cooling does not require a compressor, the operating cost will be at least six times lower than conventional air conditioning.

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